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Redmond, Oregon is a 15.5 mi.² town that resides on a plateau in Deschutes County. Because Redmond resides on a plateau, the climate is similar to high desert, and is classified as a steppe climate. The population of 26,215(as of the 2010 census) enjoy many outdoor activities including mountain biking, fishing, hiking, camping, rock climbing, white-water rafting, skiing, and golf. Roberts Field is located in Redmond and is the region’s only commercial airline service airport. Being a smaller town does not mean Redmond, Oregon should be limited to professional services. Surveying, Civil Engineering, and Water Rights Examination are offered in Redmond, Oregon by Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc. If you need the assistance of a professional Surveyor in Redmond, Oregon, contact the experts at Armstrong.

What does a Property Surveyor do?

  • Property Surveyors do exactly what the title entails, they survey property. This means that a professional surveyor will examine the land and create an official sketch or map showing the property boundaries and physical features. These surveys can be used for a variety of businesses and Government operations. The main industry that requires Property Surveying is Real Estate related due to the importance of property boundaries.

How long does it take for a Land Survey?

  • Land Surveying is scheduled ahead of time to ensure timeliness of surveys. However, every property is different and some properties require special considerations. If you need a Land Survey in Redmond, Oregon, contact the professional Land Surveyors at Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle any surveying request Redmond, Oregon has to offer.

Who offers Land Surveys in Redmond?

  • Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc. offers Land Surveyor and Land Surveying Services in Redmond, Oregon. In addition to Property and Land Surveys, Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc. offers - Partition/Subdivision Surveys, Subdivision Planning, Construction Staking, Route Surveys, Easement and Legal Descriptions, Utility Company Surveys, Boundary Line Adjustments, Boundary Surveys, Topographic Site Surveys, ALTA Surveys, Cadastral Surveys, FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates, and LOMA ELOMA LOMR Submittals. If you require additional Civil Engineering or a Certified Water Rights Examiner (CWRE), Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc. has you covered.

Professional Services are available in small towns like Redmond, Oregon. If you need a professional Surveyor, Civil Engineer, or Water Rights Examiner, contact Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc. Our team of friendly professionals will be able to fully assist you with any surveying requests you might have in Redmond. Contact us anytime through our Quote form for a free quote.

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