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Arlington, Oregon was originally named Alkali until it was incorporated as Arlington in 1885. Arlington is a small city, 2.40 mi.², with a population of 586 according to the 2010 census. Arlington is home to a large waste management landfill that receives trash from across Oregon. The city is known for Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist being recalled from office due to posting photos of herself in lingerie on the popular website Myspace. Arlington may be a small city, but it has big city issues and requirements. Finding a professional is not an easy task in Arlington, but thanks to companies like Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc., it is becoming easier to hire a professional in Arlington.

Are there Professional Land Surveyors in Arlington, Oregon?

  • Armstrong Surveying & Engineering are professional Land Surveyors in Arlington, Oregon. We offer a wide variety of Surveying and Engineering services, including - Partition/Subdivision Surveys, Subdivision Planning, Construction Staking, Route Surveys, Easement and Legal Descriptions, Utility Company Surveys, Boundary Line Adjustments, Boundary Surveys, Topographic Site Surveys, ALTA Surveys, Cadastral Surveys, FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates, and LOMA ELOMA LOMR Submittals.

What does a Land Surveyor do?

  • Land Surveying is an important part of many professions, especially Real Estate. What a Land Surveyor actually does is make a detailed, official sketch/map of the boundaries and landmarks of specific tracts of land. These sketches/maps are then used under official capacities to perform a multitude of operations. Realtors and Government officials use surveys to mark property boundary lines. Construction companies use surveys to locate appropriate building locations. Homeowners use surveys to verify property boundaries and similar functions. Land Surveying plays a key part in societies coexistence with the Earth.

How much does it cost to hire a Professional Land Surveyor in Arlington, Oregon?

  • Every survey is different because every property/plot of land requires personal attention from a professional to determine the cost. Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc. is adept at determining the cost of surveys for Arlington, Oregon. Contact our professional customer support staff to get started with your Land Surveying. We offer no obligation free quotes for your convenience.

Even small towns like Arlington, Oregon require professional services from professional companies. Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc. proudly offers all of our professional Surveying, Civil Engineering, and Water Rights Examination Services to Arlington, Oregon. There is no risk in contacting our friendly support staff because we offer a no obligation free quote. Rest easy knowing that professionals are taking care of your Surveying needs.

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