Lexington Land Surveyor

The small community of Lexington, Oregon is part of Morrow County, Oregon. Lexington, Oregon takes up a total of 0.44 mi.² of area and is home to 238 residents according to the 2010 census. Small towns like Lexington are accustomed to being neglected by large companies in surrounding cities because those companies view the project not worth doing. Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc. believes that every resident of Lexington deserves the same professional attention that residents of a large city would receive. If you need a professional Surveyor or Engineer in Lexington, contact the friendly customer support staff at Armstrong to receive a free quote.

What do Land Surveyors do?

  • Land Surveyors create an official sketch/map of a property/plot of land. These official sketches/maps can then be used by multiple different industries and businesses. If you need the services of a professional Land Surveyor in Lexington, Oregon, contact the professionals at Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle your Land Surveying needs.

Are there Professional Land Surveyors in Lexington, Oregon?

  • Yes, Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc. are professional Land Surveyors in Lexington, Oregon. Residents of small towns like Lexington need professional attention just like residents of large cities. We understand the need for accurate, professional Surveying results, and there is no reason why residents of Lexington, Oregon can’t benefit from the same professional services as larger cities.

Who should I contact if I need an ALTA Survey in Lexington, Oregon?

  • Contact Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc. for American Land Title Association(ALTA) surveys in Lexington, Oregon. In addition to ALTA surveys, Armstrong offers -Partition/Subdivision Surveys, Subdivision Planning, Construction Staking, Route Surveys, Easement and Legal Descriptions, Utility Company Surveys, Boundary Line Adjustments, Boundary Surveys, Topographic Site Surveys, Cadastral Surveys, FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates, and LOMA ELOMA LOMR Submittals.

If you are a resident of Lexington, Oregon and need the services of a professional Surveyor or Engineer, contact the professionals at Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle any job the businesses or residents of Lexington have to offer. Contact us and receive a free quote for any Surveying, Civil Engineering, or Water Rights Examination work in Lexington, Oregon.

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