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The small city of Mitchell, Oregon is in Wheeler County, Oregon and has a population of 130 according to the 2010 census. The total land mass the city resides on is 1.26 mi.² and Bridge Creek runs near the city. Finding professional help in the city can be difficult, and oftentimes residents have to resort to surrounding cities for help. This is where the Surveyors and Engineers at Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc. come in to save the day. Our friendly experts proudly offer our Surveying, Civil Engineering, and Water Rights Examination Services to the 130 residents and businesses of Mitchell, Oregon.

How do I get a Property Survey performed in Mitchell?

  • Use the Quote form on our website to contact a professional Surveyor from Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc. Our team of experts will be able to accurately Survey the property and provide you with timely results. We provide a free quote for risk free evaluation and will answer any questions or concerns you might have about Property Surveying.

Does Armstrong Surveying offer services other than Property Surveys?

  • Yes. Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc. provides a multitude of surveying services, including - Partition/Subdivision Surveys, Subdivision Planning, Construction Staking, Route Surveys, Easement and Legal Descriptions, Utility Company Surveys, Boundary Line Adjustments, Boundary Surveys, Topographic Site Surveys, ALTA Surveys, Cadastral Surveys, FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates, and LOMA ELOMA LOMR Submittals. If there is a service not listed that you need performed, contact our friendly customer support staff.

How much does it cost to perform a Property Survey?

  • Every Survey is different and the cost can vary accordingly. That is why Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc. offers free quotes to better understand the cost involved when performing a Property Survey. If you have any questions regarding Property Surveys, use our quote form to contact our friendly customer support staff. Surveying is not something anyone can do at home. It is necessary to have a trained, certified, and professional Surveyor perform the surveying or else the results will be unuseable.

Small town residents are ignored by large, out of city businesses because the residents are viewed as too much of a hassle or not worth the time. Armstrong Surveying & Engineering Inc. strongly disagrees with this mentality and believes that every resident of Oregon deserves the same professional attention when requesting Surveying, Civil Engineering, or Water Rights Examination Services. We proudly offer all of our professional services and will gladly answer any of your questions or concerns regarding Surveying in Mitchell, Oregon.

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