Land Surveying
Professional Land Surveyor (PLS)

The science, art and technology of determining relative positions of points above, on, or beneath the surface of the earth, or establishing such points. ~Elementary Surveying by Paul R. Wolf

Armstrong Surveying, Inc. specializes in many land surveying services. Our land surveyors offer everything from the most basic to the most advanced land surveyor techniques. Some of our most popular areas of expertise include:

  • Partition/Subdivision Surveys

The subdivision or partitioning of a tract of land into smaller parcels, showing monumentation and survey data on a map, in conformance with local ordinances and Oregon State Law. Whenever a new parcel of land is proposed, the project will need to conform to local jurisdictional ordinances and be reviewed and approved by the appropriate planning department. The final plat will show boundary and lot corner monuments, mathematical survey data, easements and street dedications.

  • Subdivision Planning

We provide help in planning for your future subdivision which includes tentative mapping and testimony at planning commission meetings.

  • Construction Staking

We provide construction staking services to various contractors. These projects usually consist of staking utilities, roads and building locations.

  • Route Surveys

This is essentially a topographic, boundary and utility survey limited to the proposed right of way of either an easement or a road or highway. It is generally ordered by an engineer, governmental agency or utility company when acquiring or proposing a new road or easement. Preparation of exhibits for parcel acquisitions and the required survey for partitioning the land are frequently made in addition to the above.

  • Easement and Legal Descriptions

Easement and legal descriptions can be prepared for a multitude of reasons. Some of which include, property line encroachments, roadway vacations, parking rights, ingress / egress, lot line adjustment new parcel descriptions etc.

  • Utility Company Surveys

We provide surveying services to utility companies, such as topographic route surveys, as-built surveys and overhead as-built surveys. We also will prepare legal descriptions of the approved, surveyed route.

  • Boundary Line Adjustments

A lot line adjustment is the process of changing existing property lines. The lot line adjustment can be used to either merge 4 or fewer existing parcels into one parcel, or to adjust the shape of up to 4 parcels. Lot line adjustments cannot be used to create additional parcels.

  • Boundary Surveys

These surveys are usually done to determine ownership boundaries.

  • Topographic Site Surveys

These surveys are usually done to provide contour data, drainage patterns, buildings, roads, parking areas, utilities, tree density and any other required feature. All of these are critical features of a topographic survey needed prior to new construction, or to determine project feasibility.

  • ALTA Surveys

We provide these services to Banks, Title Companies and Insurance Companies, etc. when commercial building are being sold, when a large addition is being built, when they are being refinanced or for any other reason. These surveys will detail property and right-of-way lines, roads, structures, encroachments, and easements of record, or more. These are the primary components of the ALTA/ACSM survey.

  • Cadastral Surveys

Cadastral surveying is that branch of surveying which is concerned with the survey and demarcation of land for the purpose of defining parcels of land for registration in a land registry.

  • FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates

We provide this service to our clients to determine the final floor elevation and other required information of your structure in correlation to the base flood elevation. Flood Elevations certificates are used for building planning and by insurance companies.

  • LOMA ELOMA LOMR Submittals

We provide these services to our clients that need a change or adjustment made to the FEMA flood mapping of their property.

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